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Sold Alexander Pedals Chesapeake Stereo Chorus Vibrato 2016


I bought this a few weeks ago, brand new, and have used it twice. The pedal sounds incredible, I just realized that I wanted a much more expensive guitar than a new pedal. So, I am selling a few things to fund raise for the guitar purchase. It comes with the box, and literature. It has never had Velcro, nor left my home. I bought it new for $240. I am selling it for $165 shipped.

I would consider trading it for a Boss SY-300 (plus cash on my end).

View media item 50736From Alexander:


Rate (Level) — Adjusts the rate of modulation from a slow swirl to a rapid flutter. Turning this knob cancels the Tap Tempo setting. Holding the Bypass / Level footswitch allows you to adjust the overall volume of the effect. The pedal stores this setting in its memory for future use.

Depth — Controls the amount of modulation from subtle to intense.

Color — Adjusts the tone or character of the chorus effect.

Mix — Blends between the dry and the modulated signals.

*Hint: For pitch vibrato, set the Mix knob fully clockwise.

Tap Tempo / Division - tap twice to set the modulation rate. The LED above the Tap switch flashes to indicate the current rate and division. Hold to cycle between quarter-note (green,) eighth-note (orange) and half-note (red) tap tempo divisions.

Remote Tap Tempo Jack - connect a normally-open momentary footswitch to this jack to set the modulation time remotely. Hold down the remote footswitch to change tap divisions.

*Hint - the Mix knob changes the character of the sound dramatically. High Mix settings yield a pitch vibrato in Ensemble and Dimension modes, and a more intense tremolo + vibrato effect in Rotary mode.

Mode Toggle:

Ensemble — Traditional single-voice chorus tones live here. The dry signal is mixed with a varying time-delayed signal, resulting in a shifting, bubbling thickening effect. The Color knob controls the tone of the chorus voice, allowing the effect to be more or less present in the mix.

Dimension - Adds a second chorus voice sweeping opposite from the first, designed to reduce the characteristic "warble." This mode produces a less animated, more subtle thickening of the signal and sounds great clean or distorted. The Color knob controls the brightness of the chorus tone.

Rotary - combines a sweet chorus with a smooth tremolo to mimic a rotating speaker effect. The Color knob controls the balance between the upper rotor vibrato and the lower rotor tremolo tones.

Stereo Output:

The Chesapeake features a TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) output jack. The tip carries a mix of effected (wet) and clean signals, as determined by the Mix knob. The ring carries a buffered dry signal. When the pedal is bypassed, both tip and ring remain active, and each output is separately buffered for low-noise performance. Set the Mix control fully wet for the maximum amount of stereo separation. Alexander Pedals highly recommends the Disaster Area Designs for stereo output.

Bypass Switching:

The Chesapeake features buffered bypass switching with a soft-touch footswitch.

Power Supply:

The Chesapeake requires a 9V DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative. The Chesapeake is not designed to be powered on supplies higher than 9V and does not use a battery. The Chesapeake should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply. The Chesapeake requires approx. 75mA.
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