All Guitarists, Please, I beg you...


Agree. A guitar that isn't intonated correct is just as bad as a guitar that it out of tune to my ears. It'll definitely make you sound better to tune and intonate than any pedal or amp will. Thats why I'll always keep my Boss TU-3 around.
Sometimes I wish that I wasn't as aware of out-of-tuneness as I am. There have been more than one occasion that I left a club where a local band was playing because of it. Out of tune singing is probably the worst thing, but guitars are pretty bad too.
And having played lots of country gigs as well as classic rock, I've heard plenty of out of tune pedal steel too.
Having recorded with click tracks and drum machines, I can tell when a band's tempo goes haywire, but that is less offensive.


My frontman.


I'll sneak tune his guitar during breaks, it don't matter. He mashes so hard it'll be out of tune in a verse, with a broken string by song's end.

"Hey! Toss me your backup."

"No, it's in open G and I'll need it later."

"But I have a broken string!"

"Exactly. I don't want both of us to have broken strings."
Lots of YouTube Channels have this issue. Buy a crap load of gear, go down the gear rabbit hole and don't even learn how to play guitar. Can't work on guitars, can't intonate and that's fine if you can't. Get your guitar setup by a proper tech. Don't go on YouTube and play out of tune. At the end of the day your fingers are more important than gear.

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