All this talk about "reverse reverb" had me thinking...


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Where have I been?

"reverse reverb"

I'll have to check it out.
That and reverse delay are old tricks from the analog tape days. Flip the tape and record it backwards, then playing forward you hear the tail of the reverb or delays leading up into the original sound.
The voice of the "Supreme Being", in the movie, Time Bandits, is one example.
When digital processing got far enough you'd see settings for those types of sounds. The old Alesis Microverb had a "reverse" setting that worked great for a haunted house.
Obviously, any "real time" processor is only approximating the effect.

John Quinn

While I think you having a go at us - it's an interesting thought - A reverse Chorus - so the even harmonics come out Odd in reverse? A reverse flanger - the sweep would be at the opposite peak when the guitar's notes were 180 degrees away.I don't think a reverse distortion would have any audible effect - I mean it's approaching a square wave on the output - but I don't know - maybe if the signal was reversed - the amp inside would actually shut down the signal - or maybe focus it a bit more.

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