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I was mulling over getting the Hot Blonde but I sat on the pot too long. Learn from my experience - Carpe Diem!! :p Cool hearing about folks’ experience with his amps and interactions with David.


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The first amp kit I built was an Allen ToneSavor loaded with Reverend All-Tone 1265's. I wish David the best in retirement and hope the name lives on with the same level of quality and support.


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I built about six Allen amps, everyone cool in its own way. I currently use a brown jug and a sweet spot and love them both. I hope the new owners continue his tradition of innovation and respect for his customers. One thing is he wasn’t much of a fan of EL84 amps. Early on he designed an amp that replaced the guts of the blues junior, an amp I still like but hate the construction. Wish somebody would bring that one back


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Just received my two Encores last week and they're stellar. Looks like David has sold the business (it's on his website) and hopefully the new owners will maintain his level of quality and integrity.

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A note on "the Cab Guy". His prices, while looking great on the web page, are not up to date and not what he quotes. I have had several cabs made over the years. Mather is the unquestionable first choice for professionalism. Stating this as respectfully as possible, research first before making a choice.


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I received the 1x12 cab for my Encore about a month ago. Well made and a very good price. Zero complaints whatsoever.


I had an Old Flame I built from a kit years ago. It was fantastic. But I sold it to “downsize” in wattage to an Encore and add tremolo. So my main clean amp for over a decade has been the Encore. Mine is a 2x10” combo.

I’m looking to convert it to a 1x12”. I have a Celestion Gold that needs a home and I think it’s a nice compliment to the Encore’s tone. Not sure how hard or easy it is to change the baffle on a cab that’s already screwed and glued together. So I looked into a replacement cabinet. Unfortunately, David Allen is retiring and not taking orders. And the new owners haven’t really
started yet.

Im fairly certain that the Encore chassis is the same width asa Fender Deluxe Reverb chassis: 22.5” wide. I see that replacement Deluxe Reverb cabs (e.g., Mojotone) are 16-7/8” tall. The Allen Encore chassis is 18” tall. Anybody ever try putting an Encore chassis in a Deluxe Reverb cabinet?
It won't fit. The Encore is deeper and the amp chassis is deeper. Making a new baffle is simple. Just unscrew to 2x10 - measure the dimensions - find a competent cab builder to cut the hole and mount to screw thingys and stretch the grill cloth. A Gold should sound great and make it a little lighter too.

When I first started talking to him about his Encore - he was only offering a 2x10 or 4x10 and after a year or two he finally made me his first 1x12. It's the Cadillac of his line with all the best features.

I live under a rock so I'm just now discovering his retirement - I'm sure he's really tired of soldering and dealing with guitar players - I've grown to love my Allen Encore more than any Fender.


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