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If you are buying used make sure the guy that put it together knew what he was doing.

I'm a little leary of the kit amps.

I had a kit 2x10 OF and it was not pleasant sounding at all. Very bright.
I have a OF 4x10 that I bought used at a good price (not sure who put it together, kind of a risky move now that I think about it), but it's a really nice amp, no issues. Deep reverb and can get some gain happening, especially with the raw control. That said, I only use it for cleans. Mine has weber alnico speakers. I've thought of getting the head version but I'm satisfied for now with the 4x10.


Some suggestions: play through it first, if it sounds fine then great. If it was built by Allen it will have his sig. on the amp chassis. Lastely, have a quick open up and visually inspect it. It will take you one second to tell, if its in good standing or not. Look at the soldering jobs and the lengths of the leads and wires. If their is minimal soldering gunk, and the wires at nice and taught with little excess then you can tell its most likely done well. Lastely if its malfunctions the benefit is that its a hand wired amp and a tech should be able to fix it quite simply because of its classic design and assessability (minimal cost to you).

Enjoy the Allen experience.


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Got an Old Flame 2x10 combo, and I love it. It was built by Mr. Allen, and I receive compliments on the sound every gig I play with it. The 3 knob reverb, raw knob, and master volume make it better than a Fender for me.


I gig heavily with an Old Flame Head and 2x12 cab with weber speakers in it.

I really LOVE this amp, and find that the Master Volume works really well at delivering your TONE on any stage. It sounds great wide open of course, but on a club stage with a miked cab, I run MV at 12 and get GREAT tone. It takes pedal well and has been completely stable with no issues for me.

If you like the sound of Blackface Fenders, but play on different sized stages and the like, than the Old Flame is a great choice as it can really be a switch army knife in that regard. The added raw control is cool for getting more grit, or dialing in your pedals.

Not a bad thing to say about this amp from me ! GREAT VALUE TOO!!!!


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These amps are REALLY loud, so depending on the size of the stage you play, you might want to consider a lower-powered amp. I used to own an Old Flame, but now own an Allen Sweet Spot instead...



Bought a used Old Flame head that was built by Allen and it sounds much better than my stock blackface Pro Reverb ever did. Just put in some new Tung Sol 5881's and when my amp tech rebiased it he had high praise for it.

I find the Raw dial very useful for getting into tweed territory at lower volumes, and in my opinion the reverb just kills. I also like having the option of running the preamp tubes hotter with the switch on the back for lower volume playing.

I have the upgraded transformers and it runs very cool and very quiet. Definitely the best amp purchase I've made, and I don't see myself ever selling it.


I have 2 Old Flame 2-10 combos that David built. One is about 7 years old and the other is 2 years old. All I can say is that with the flexibility of the master volume and the raw control I can get pretty much anything I need. I have used them in small clubs, large festivals outdoors and everything in between and I have never wished for anything else. If you are looking for a single channel amp with Fender type tone I say look no further. Give David a call. He is fantastic to work with.


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I had him build me a 4-10 Old Flame.... One of the best amps I've ever owned. Thinking about another.

I would be leery of kit amps, but amps built by David Allen are top of the tops....

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I had an Allen-built '02 Old Flame 9-10 years ago that I gigged for awhile with pedals. I liked it better than the blackfaces I had.

Earlier this year I found a deal on a blonde '13 head and matching 1x12 and 1x15 cabs. I missed the old one enough and the new one does not disappoint. The master works well but I want to crank it and run it with the Fryette Power Station this week.

Great amps. I had a Brown Sugar too and would consider some of his new models as well like the Classic 57 (tweed) or the Hot Blond (you guessed it ... blonde bassman inspired)


I've got a Chuihuahua that I built from a kit. I love that little amp! Also, his kits are not too difficult to build, and I had a lot of fun doing it. His documentation and instructions were really great, and he was really good with the support also. When that 57 becomes available as a kit, I think I'll foo one of those as well.

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