Sold Allen Encore blonde head, hand-wired by David Allen


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I recently bought this gorgeous Allen Encore amp while searching for a smaller, low-wattage combo for home use. In typical TGP fashion, I got sidetracked while shopping and bought this monster instead. This is an absolutely wonderful amp and I now understand why Mr. Allen’s amps are so coveted. This one was hand-built by Mr. Allen himself, and was not a kit. I played this through a 1x12 cabinet with an Austin Speaker Works KTS-70 and it is sublime. The mid and raw knobs make this amp very versatile and it’s possible to get a wide range of classic Fender tones (or modern variations thereof) from clean to full on mean. I was really amazed at how great this amp sounds at low levels, but I can’t be responsible and it begs me to turn it up to volumes that wake the new baby and make the wife mad at me.

I’ve really enjoyed trying this out and will own another Allen in the future, but for now I’m looking to sell this to payoff another, more appropriate amp purchase that I recently payed.

I would call it very good + condition. No nicks, dents, or tears in the tolex that I see. In fact, the tolex overall looks very good, but being blonde it does have a few small pencil-tip sized dots that don’t want to come off. Nothing horrible, and nothing that is noticeable from five feet away. This one has the chrome faceplate, which I understand was a limited production option. It accepts 6L6 or 5881 tubes and currently has Tung Sol 5881 power tubes and a mixture of Tung Sol and EH 12ax7 preamp tubes. It sounds wonderful.

Asking $950 PayPal’d and shipped in the CONUS. I’m in the St. Louis area and welcome a local deal.

Thanks for looking!


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