Altering dynamic/frequency response (Kemper video)


Just a heads up on the ducking functionality of the EQ in the Kemper!

Demonstrating use of the Studio Equalizer in the Kemper to increase dynamic response. Since the equalizer has ducking functionality, you can adjust the eq to only affect light picking (or only hard, if setting the ducking to a negative value). You may want to reduce pick clicking noise, have a warmer/thinner/whatever sound when picking lightly only.

In this example I use it more like a regular expander, as I set the high shelving all the way down to 20 Hz and thus attenuate the whole signal.

Start out by picking lightly and set the eq to your desire. Then move to the ducking parameter, pick harder and adjust ducking so that it doesn't affect the harder picking. Turn EQ on/off to compare.

I've locked the EQ in this example and try it out with three different amps.

Added benefit to this is that it also acts as noise reduction :)



Yep, the Profiler has got some real unique gems in its arsenal. Ducking is almost ubiquitous in the fx section. And other goodies are coming :)

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