Alternating between arched top and flat top electrics. Problem playing cleanly


Hi guys,

I've noticed something bizarre going on with my muting technique today.
It works perfect on arch tops (les paul standards). But when I pick up my Blueshawk (Flat top) I can't seem to mute the first 3 strings as well (particularly the G string)

Does anyone experience this?

Will I need to learn 2 muting techniques to be able to play cleanly on these 2 guitars.
If not, how did you accommodate the change in guitar shape?

I just realised this today when I plugged a Pi Face and bumped the fuzz up max.

I feel really bummed at the moment :(


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Do you keep the guitar at the same height, strap-wise? When I have trouble (palm) muting, I find it's because I'm wearing the guitar too low. I switch back and forth between arched and flat top guitars all the time.

What about the angle of the guitar? The Les Paul is almost certainly not neck heavy. Is the Blueshawk? If the angle of the bridge is off, this could affect your technique.

Good luck!

dewey decibel

Fuzz Factor's right. But to take it a step further, you just have to figure out what's different between the two. It probably has to do with the angle of your right hand in relation to the guitar's body. I get that a lot going from a deep bodied archtop to a standard electric. It might mean lowering or raising your strap, or it could also be changing the position where you wear your guitar- maybe more on your hip rather than flat to your stomach. If you don't stand when you play you'll have more options for altering these things.

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