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Alternatives (analog) to Tech 21 Sansamp?

topo morto

Apart from the Tech 21 sansamp range (my favourite is the para driver, but I've had great results from classic, GT2 and character series), the Behringer knock-offs of same, and digital modelers, is there anything else that can actually do amp sounds like a sansamp?

I hear loads of pedals touted as 'amp-like' but very few pedals, when plugged into a proper clean amp, really sound like a real (valve?) preamp into a poweramp into a cab.

But the sansamps are so popular that there must be something else, right? what have I missed?

dean owens

Besides the Joyo copies, the only thing I know about are the AMT Ledgend pedals. I'd like to try one (mainly because the take up less space) but I like the clean of Fender Tweeds. The only Fender they have is designed to sound like a Twin.

Here's their website


Scholz Rockman. I used to have one a long time ago and it was stolen. I replaced it with a SansAmp GT2 since, at the time, the Rockman was difficult to find. I haven't tried the newer (post 1995) Dunlop ones though.

Nux and Joyo have clones or partial clones of SansAmp's circuits. I haven't tried any of them but they get good reviews from most users.


I'm a big fan of the tech 21 character pedals. Recently, I picked up a Carl Martin Rock Bug. Not as feature laden as a Sansamp, but is designed to emulate an amp/speaker for headphone use, direct recording, or direct to PA for live use. Has an option for open or closed-back cab.


Silver Supporting Member
I've used the Tech-21 Liverpool and Blonde and their Joyo counterparts. They worked fine for me. I'm not sure whether you were including them under the umbrella of "Sansamps."


Gold Supporting Member
I'm not sure anyone is expanding this market besides Tech21 and their copiers in China. Seems like most of the effort is going into IR loaders and modeling now.

I am surprised that no one mentioned Kingsly, though? The small tube amp, loaded down and used as a preamp thing is alive and well. Also the Fryette GP/DI. Oh, and the FET based Dumble preamps, like the Ethos.

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