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I've been debating getting an ENGL Screamer 50 head, but although I like the clean and high gain lead sounds, not so keen on the crunch - it seems weak, and quieter than the clean channel.

Is there much else out there with decent channel switching at lower power outputs?
Can't find anything in my local retailers, so having to look further afield.

Thanks folks.


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Are you going for Engl metal tones? The Thunder can get most of the same tones the Screamer gets but the crunch is a bit more Marshall-y. Very solid all around amp.

The Blackmore also has better crunch since it's a bit more classically voiced (ala thunder). Plenty of gain on tap.

There are plenty of other high gain options. If you want to stay with the drier sort of tones then VHT would be solid fit. Peters is another killer option and a great guy to deal with.


I think it's the yellow LED - ie neither of the options called "Lead" in the manual.
I gather the clean circuitry is based on Fenders, which might have something to do with it.
Can't find a Thunder in my area to save my life.
Basically I like the clean, and really like the "heavy lead". It't the in-between bits that are lacking.

I'm after something not too loud, and very few lower power amps seem to have the switching versatility of the Screamer - maybe the Laney TT50, but I don't like the sound, or the TSL60, but don't like it either.

I've just discovered Matamp. and it's about an hour's drive away, so might wander over.

And there's always Elmwood, although I wasn't planning on spending quite as much (been playing for 27 years, but I'm no pro - plus wife + 3 kids...).

Thanks guys.

By the way, I've got a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab, which I might as well keep, hence looking for a head rather than a combo.

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