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alternatives to Peavey Ferrites?


if the thread belongs in another section feel free to move it.

I'm looking for a set of pickups like in the T15 I have.

I love these pickups, but the body of the guitar isn't my favourite.
I thought of trying to take out the pickups and put them in something with HB routes.
Not exactly sure if they would fit.

the T15 is not in the best shape either, so if I did take out the pickups I don't think I could sell the body and neck.

what I like about the Ferrites is the underwound P90 sound, the strat quack with both pickups, and the bridge pickup is almost tele like.

Lollars HB sized Charlie Christan comes to mind.
though I think it'd be a louder pickup, with less brightness.
not sure how I match the bridge.


The droid you're looking for
Try a Strat with a swimming pool rout. You'd probably have to make a custom pickguard, but there should be plenty of room.

Matt L

I like these pickups, too. My first guitar was a T-15, so I guess their tone has been a benchmark for me in some ways. I bought another one a couple years ago, and was really surprised by them.

Without A/Bing them, the first pickup that comes to mind is the big G&L MFD. It's constructed quite differently, and probably more versatile, but it has some of the attributes you like. Charlie Christian is another good choice.


I listened to some videos of the ASAT special, and the SC-2.
from what I can tell through my laptop speakers, the pickups in the SC-2 come pretty close to the Ferrite sound.

I wonder how a Charlie Chrstian in the neck and a MDF in the bridge would sound...

Do you think the exposed blade in the ferrite pickups have an affect on how they sound?

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