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Just wanted to vent and ask for suggestions. I bought 2 Aluminum Falcons through Etsy last yer. Both had problems. One with the power connection, the other was scratchy and just plain did not work well. I sent a message to Dave at Piedmont asking for one good pedal. He replied promptly and said sure send them back. Well after two months, numerous phone calls I still have got nothing. Any suggestions? I know this guy has a crappy record. His Facebook page shows stacks of pedals and tells how hard he is working for the Dallas guitar show! What about other people? Man, I sure hate **** like this!



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Hmmm... so you've been a member since 2008, and —despite that — you bought 2 Aluminum Falcons last year, had problems with them, sent them both back to PCE for service/repair, and after "two months, numerous phone calls" with no response you *NOW* are asking for suggestions on what you should do? :rolleyes:

I do wish you luck... that is the best suggestion! And maybe repeatedly pounding his FB page might help (or not).


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When last year? Contact your credit card company and see if it's not too late to charge back the money you paid for the pedals. When he gets in touch (quite possibly that same day) asking you to cancel the reversal and promising to get your pedal(s?) to you promptly, tell him that he can go **** himself. Take the money and put it toward a custom Morgan amp.
Wow, good to know that things are the same.
I believe there is a guy called Manticore that can fix these things.

Sam Ash sells these there. I wonder how the warranty service is it you had bought from them.

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