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Alumitone Humbucker vs Deathbucker or both?


I have some Alumitone Humbuckers that I like. I was thinking about getting another set for another guitar. I'm wondering if I should get a Death Bucker (that name is really dumb) for the bridge and a humbucker for the neck, two Death buckers, or two humbuckers?

The Death bucker is listed as 5K and the humbucker is listed 3K but these pickups are not standard which makes it hard to know what to expect.

I'm not sure what the difference is with the Deathbucker is it just more output?


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After digging the tones of the Friedman / Bill Kelliher Butterslax amp, I'm tempted to try Bill's signature Lace pickups.

I sure dig the look of the Alumitones. I wondered about the Deathbuckers too.
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Ben Furman

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The Deathbucker has a much lower resonant peak, like a hot humbucker.

Maybe useful for the bridge position, but not in the neck. I don't find the standard ones to be overly trebly or unbalanced anyway.

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