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Am done with guitar rig...

Sick of it randomly working one day and not working the next for no apparent reason. Plus my Strat and Gibson both sound better through my Roland Jazz Chorus amp with a Jemini distortion pedal (will probably get a fuzzface eventually when I have the money) and a Dunlop Hendrix Wah then they do through Guitar Rig anyway...


Got to say, I had (well, still have) Guitar Rig 3, and I'm not a fan. Much easier to get good results out of Logic or Revalver, with less options and menus. I found the interface just too big and expansive for a 3rd party plugin.. dunno if I'm crazy but it seemed to hog a lot memory too. Too many pictures... why the simulated rack images and animations? Lots of flash.

I used it for a while when I first got Komplete 5, nice throw-in to an amazing bundle, but I would sooner recommend a plethora of other softwares...


TBH I've had decent results with GR3 in my studio, but I'm sure GR5 is better because it's, well, 2 more. :crazy

I'd need to upgrade my machine in order to upgrade. So, I wait.

I'm thinking about getting Revalver. I've heard & read a lot of good things about it.

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hell is chrome
I have GR5, got it as part of Komplete. I have had zero problems with it as far as working properly, but I'm not a huge fan of its guitar tones. It is fun to run synths and drum kits through it though, you can get some cool effected sounds happening. For guitar modeling software, Scuffham S-Gear is much better IMHO.


Guitar Rig 5 works just fine for me in both of my machines and one of them is a 2ghz single core Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with 2gb of ram running win 7 ultimate.

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