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Am I making a mistake ? Which pedals would you use ?


Fat Frustated Old Guy w/ Gut

I was going to construct a new pedalboard because my NYC is just so heavy to carry to the 6 gigs a year we play ....[which when I say it is kind of ridiculous ] so I went out and bought a Pedal Train Metro and a one spot.

I have been looking for a lot of new pedals to take over my present ones and already bought a EP booster and PolyTune II .As I was planning this out I realized that I really like my Lovepedal Pro Valve for heavy duty Marshall Sounds and my Eternity works well for Southern Rock tunes we do ..

My thought is now just take the Pro Valve ,Eternity ,Blue Sky Delay ,buy either a Barber Compact Tone Press or Xotic Compressor, My wah and Ep Booster and just pull apart the big board to construct the smaller one ......

Any Thoughts on this .My amp has great reverb and tremolo which I never use .

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