Am I the only one who prefers the batwing guard..

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I prefer the large guard but didn't know it was referred to as the "bat wing". The small guard also looks like some kind of a wing to me. Perhaps a chicken? My least favorite is the SG wingless.


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I like both.

when I was a teenager I associated the batwing with “real” SGs and higher end guitars because at that time Gibsons had the batwing and Epiphones had the small pickguard


I didn't even know SGs came with different size pickguards for a long time. My SG Special was my primary guitar for years. All I know is after needing a more legit guitar over my 90s Danelectro 56 U2 reissue, I walked into Guitar Center, played it, then decided I was going to buy it, on credit (ha...). It has a full-face pickguard and snot green tuners and teal flip-flip finish. Also it's a funky color.

Did I know the history of who played SGs, what the "originals" looked like, etc? Nope. I think I might have known Angus Young played them.

But eventually because of the internet I was aware of the small guards and I don't like them. Especially with nickel/chrome tuners.

I was on the hunt for a Pelham Blue Standard for a long time. I finally managed to find a used one off the Sam Ash run with the snot tuners and full pickguard and larger neck (which my Special also had). I saw those ones a couple years ago Gibson had that had the Grovers and small pickguard. Nope.

But I'm willing to bet that had I bought a small pickguard version with grovers I'd think the large with snot green was weird.

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