amazing live albums???

I've been collecting live C.D.'s for years now. Searching for the perfect guitar tones of course. Most are good, some are terrible. I find it a great study in authentic sounds. (sorry KISS alive 1,2,3,)But to be able to hear an amp close mic'd (mostly) gives us a good idea what to shoot for in our live tones. I own 1000's of recordings but if I've missed some I wanta know. Let's limit it to your fav 3 and why.

1) Jimmy Witherspoon & Robben Ford - Live at the Mint
sounds like your on stage with him. beautiful breakup. nice reverb

2) Bo Ramsey & the Backsliders - Live
My fav roots rock tones captured. can picture his tubes glowing

3) Gov't Mule - Deepest End
Warren Haynes does it all; and Sonny Landreth sounds like glass


Allmans - Live at the Fillmore
Don't really need to say anything about this one. It's THE definitive live album if you ask me.

Gov't Mule- Live with a little help from my friends
I prefer this over Deepest End. Has Woody on bass.

Zeppelin - How the west was won
You need to have you head examined if "Bring it on Home" doesn't get you crazy.

Red Ant

Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus: Possibly the greatest, and certainly the best-recorded live album of all time.

Humble Pie - Rocking The Fillmore: Pure balls-to-the-wall RAWK!

801 - Live! - A great recording of an absolutely magical moment in music. Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Bill McCormick, Francis Monkman and Simon Phillips got together for ONE week of gigs, performing mostly Eno and Manzanera material, with the exception of the most sublime cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows" i've ever heard.

Zappa - Roxy & Elsewhere: The best Zappa band, captured in their mighty prime. Can't go wrong.

I know its 4, not three. sorry ;)


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A big +1 one the Humble Pie Fillmore album. If you ever think you don't need a Les Paul, this one will change your mind.

I love Cheapness from Zappa's Roxy & Elsewhere but could do without the last track.

Eventhough I'm not a huge fan of Blues Traveler, some of the Traveler & Thieves CDs came with a bonus live CD that is awesome. Recorded @ the Bill Graham benefit concert, I think. Carlos Santana jams with BT on a 25 minute version of Mountain Cry.

Jimi @ Monterey, although you could just as easily say Rainbow Bridge, BOJ, Isle of Wright, and so on.

If anyone has a recording of the Arc Angels show I saw in NC years ago, that'd be another. Because I was there and it rocked.


Originally posted by Red Ant
Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus: Possibly the greatest, and certainly the best-recorded live album of all time.
WFC actually had a lot of studio overdubs. I love the album, but I'm crazy about Live from Neon Park for strictly live sound.

I think The Who Live at Leeds is my favorite live album of all time. At least that's how I feel today. :)

Another fave is Emmylou Harris Spyboy. What a band... !!


Deep Purple - In Concert 70/72

Allan Holdsworth - All night wrong

Though not live in front of an audience, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King In Session


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The Last Waltz. Mostly live at least. 'Cause I forget how good Robbie Robertson is until he's on stage with some of those other guys.

SCW Lamamnamanumi. Wow, those boys love to play. (that's Screamin Cheetah Wheelies)


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"Live at Liberty Lunch" from Joe Ely. Dave Grissom all over it. If you haven't heard it, you should!


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The extended edition. As much as I love the Who Live at Leeds, Waylon was the best male singer popular music of any kind. Tied with Otis redding. best two singers ever.


I'll cover the Jimi bases

I think Live at Berkeley has unbelievable tone- definately one of my favorites. I don't know if the first night is avaliable as an album, but "hear my train a comin" taken from the set can be found on the live disc of Voodoo Child, and that song is most definately amazing.

Isle of Wight has an interesting tone- definately not my favorite, but a lot different from many other live albums and he's got some wild, gained out sounds comin.

Woodstock has some amazing univibe tones.

I think monterey pop best exemplifies what I would call a wall of Jimi sound- losts of distortion to be had there, and just some great overall sounds.

Rainbow Bridge has great tone, but the album is really lo-fi. There's a remastered track of hey baby/in from the storm in the hendrix box set that sounds great.

don't forget about fillmore east/band of gypsies either

Theres lots of others as well- the majority of his live albums had really good tone.


James Gang Live - often overlooked - massive overdriven blues rock with a stunning rhythm section.


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I'm not a huge Santana fan, but the Lotus live album is possibly the best thing they've ever released. I have the vinyl, but you can get it on CD now.
Wow! keep em' comin guys. I own most of the ones mentioned so far. The Joe Ely and Blues Traveller I'm gonna have to go on the hunt for...
Here's 3 more amazing recordings;

1) Gary Moore - Blues Alive
He works every inch of his sound live

2) John Hiatt - Comes alive at budokan
Michael Ward shows us how its done, huge & nasty

3) Lucinda Williams - Live @ the Fillmore
and they call this folk rock, I'm gonna use this to EQ my gigs

If only Ry Cooder and Jeff Beck would give us some recent live albums.


King Crimson - The Great Deceiver (boxed set)

Peter Gabriel - 'Plays Live' from the 80's, 'Secret World Live' from the 90's.

Coltrane - Impressions (well, 2/5ths of it was live from the vanguard)


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Live at The Regal - You know who!

Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young

Live in Germany - Ronnie Earl

24 Nights & Live in the 70's - Clapton


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1) Second's Out - Genesis. Crystal clear sound

2) Fandango (1st Side) - ZZ Top - High energy rockin

3) Full House - J Geils band


Bring 'Em Back Alive- The Dregs
Unbelievably tight playing and great mix. Kasmir kicks booty.

Johnny Winter- Captured Live
Whew! Really captures the energy of those early johnny Winter shows.

I don't know if this qualifies, but-
Redbird- Peter Mulvey, Jeffrey Focault, Kris Delmhorst, Goody Goodrich
Recorded live in the living room with one stereo mic and a minidisc recorder. There are some clams on there, but the parts that work are really amazing. You can hear the crickets outside on a couple of tracks, chairs creaking, a couple of throats being cleared.

If that one doesn't count as live, then Ten Thousnad Mornings- Peter Mulvey.
Peter did this one live in the Boston Subways. It's pretty cool to hear him thank people who drop money in his case as he is doing this amazing playing and singing. Peter says that if you can get people to stop and listen in the subway, you know you are getting it right.

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