Sold American Deluxe Strat - V Neck, And Beautiful!

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    Feb 5, 2005
    SOLD A truly beautiful 2009 sunburst American Deluxe Stratocaster that is a flawless guitar. No scratches, dings, or fret ruts. It's like you just took it down off a guitar shop wall. It has all the outstanding craftsmanship, smooth feel, and tone that you expect from the American Deluxe line, and is all original, with these features:
    *Locking Fender Logo tuners.
    *Outstanding, comfortable V neck - 9.5.
    *Abalone dot position markers.
    *Noiseless pickups that are strong and clear.
    *The S-1 switching system, which gives you many additional tone settings, along with the classic Strat sounds.
    *1.685 nut width.
    *Synchronized 2-point vibrato system.
    *Instruction sheet that shows the extra tones you can get with the S1 switching system (you get them by just pushing down on a little button within the volume knob).
    *Comes in an excellent, clean hard case.

    $940 shipped to anywhere in continental USA. You can email me directly at
    Pictures here:
    Can't do trades on this one.
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