American HSS strat wiring with DiMarzios? I am lost.


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Hey guys,

I have my strat apart and I just want to finish up the wiring so I can get on with my evening. I have a 2014 American Standard HSS. I don't recall if it has a super switch but when I installed the Dimarzio Air Zone humbucker bridge, I taped everything off except one hot and ground, no splitting.

I had two DiMarzio 54 Pros in the guitar and I forget the color coding. I wish I remembered because the pickips I want to install are DiMarzio Fast Track 1s. I do recall the green wire from each noiseless single going to the switch, but I can't recall which pickup went to which point on the switch, nor can I remember which wire went to the pot for grounding and which were taped off.

I also am not sure if I have a stock super switch, nor how to wire it?

I checked the Dimarzio site but they have no wiring diagrams that has what I need, nor does it list what us the hit wire, ground, etc.

For some reason all their strat wiring indicates one Volume and one Tone. Huh?
My strat has two tone knobe.

I know my 54 Pros were wired with the green as hot and yet the diagrams I read, show red as hot.

Any help would be so appreciated.

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