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(American Idol) This rocks!!!!


I liked it better with R. Travis and the Piano, I think it lost the vibe wit da whole AI band...

This vato AIN'T getting kicked off....

He may win...


I just watched that out of curiosity. I'm not really a fan of the show or concept, so that may skew my opinion.

I have to respectfully disagree with you. I thought that was one of the most painful, self indulgent performances I have seen in a long time. It's as if he changed the melody so he could hit those high squealy notes. He ruined a great song.

For the record, I am all for taking a song and making it your own, but that just wasn't musical or serving the song at all. He does have an impressive range, but how he used it and the tone he creates with it is unpleasant to my ear.

If that floats yer boat, then that's cool. Just my opinion FWIW.

Peace - jv


I'm so familiar with the Cash's version that when I heard this I had the "wtf" face on for a long while. After I had a little time to absorb that this tune is it's own thing, I liked it much better. This guy has some balls to do this.


I think Simon hit the nail right on the head with his critique.

Absolute Indulgent Rubbish!


Velocity Town Angel
Double Platinum Member
I got a kick out of Randy's reaction to Adam. Completely understandable taking his old school country personality. I'll admit I'm no fan of Adam, I'll not diss on his talent though. I think he's a talented singer and has a very creative approach but something about his voice doesn't appeal to me. I've taken to his arrangements and the spark he puts in his performance which seems consistent.

I'd like to see one of the girls win, I think there's a bit more to offer from them though the whole batch has some vocal chops.
Well, I'm one of those people who when working with a vocalist gets annoyed easily. I hate playing music with someone that you have to play with the vocals, because they can't follow a melody that moves differently. He seems to be someone who could hear and follow the movement in a progressive nature. I could care less about the original. If I wanted the original I would listen to Mr.Cash, but this was something I could picture Dream Theater doing.

I knew everyone wouldn't like it, but I loved it.

Guitar Josh

Resident Curmudgeon
Gold Supporting Member
I have been an AI fan since Day 1. I don't think I've ever hated a contestant like Adam. Too bad he'll likely win the thing, but I've always said that winning American Idol is the worst thing that can happen to a contestant, so I wish him that.


Double Platinum Member
I don't understand the juice Lambert gets from the judges and the media...I think he's painful to listen to


Different? Definitley. I would not pronounce it as absolutely horrid, but it shows he can't or won't do country. I was under the impression the show was supposed to demonstrate the performer's versatility, including the ability to lean country. Rather than lean, he skipped.

This guy has some balls to do this.
I'm not sure that is the right expression for that performer.
I was under the impression the show was supposed to demonstrate the performer's versatility, including the ability to lean country.

Not really. They pretty much just want to see how you do with something out of your comfort zone. The big thing is for fans of different styles of music. People get praised for making a song their own on the show.


No youtube at work, so I can only assume this is about the black-haired guy (?!). He'd have a great career if Faster Pus$ycat was looking for a new lead vocalist. Too bad he's 25 years too late for the L.A. sleeze metal scene. Everything I've heard him do on AI (which admittedly hasn't been that much) has been vomit inducing. :barf
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