Amp Advice: SFDR or DRRI???


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Hey folks -

I'm seeking a Deluxe Reverb, and here's my quandary:

Option 1: Spend $800-1000 on an early/mid-70's silverface DR
Option 2: Spend $800-1000 on a pimp'ed out DRRI (upgraded speaker, tubes, adjusted bias, etc.)

Any advice would be most appreciated!

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Only you can decide. I have both.

You don't need to upgrade the Speaker on a DRRI. They come with a C12k. Very nice speaker when it's broken in. The Power Tubes on my DDRI where EH 6V6HD. Nice sounding power tube. I had only one bad pre-amp tube. Tube swapping is a given with any amp so.... you may have to swap tubes on a SFDR.

Love my SFDR and it's my #1 Fender amp but my DRRI is starting to grow on me as she is getting broken in. They sound so similar it's scary. Can't beat that new car smell. They are a nice design. Tubes are mounted on the chasis and the PCB is layed out and label'd very nice. Should last for many years. I love the fact that it is brand new.


If the silverface has been well maintained, all caps etc... are in good shape - then the silverface would be the way to go....

If on the other hand you have to dump a couple of hundred bucks into it to get it into good working order, then go for the DRRI. No need to change the speaker, just let it break in some and it will warm right up. The bias is a little cold on these from the factory though... so a bias will be in order.

Agree with the above poster that the DRRI is VERY close to the sound of the original, and with the right tubes will sound just as good and comes with a warranty.


never count out resale just never know....I personally like an amp that appreciates (vintage) rather than depreciates....

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