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Hey TGP!
I'm a professional producer & bassist, as well as, a decent acoustic guitarist. After years of paying other guys to play electric guitar on my productions, I've decided I need to get to the point where I can play my own parts for when the budget is tiny and/or my favorite players are booked.

I'm hoping you guys could recommend me one guitar and one amp to get me started. I'm a fan of vintage stuff in general but not closed minded about new stuff.

Here are some of my favorite players/albums (in no particular order). I'm fully aware that one rig will not fit all. Collection will obviously expand in future!

-Bill Frisell (Disfarmer, Joe Henry's Civilians)
-T Bone Burnett (Raising Sand)
-Buddy Miller (Band of Joy, Midnight & Lonesome)
-Daniel Lanois (Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball)
-Greg Leisz (Joe Henry's Civilians)
-Marc Ribot (Marc Ribot y Los Cubano Postizos)
-Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams's World Without Tears)

Thanks so much for your time and suggestions!



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This is probably not the advice you where looking for, but in your shoes and for recording purposes I'd look into the BIAS app if you have an Ipad. Really impressive. For a guitar, the Strat is the most versatile electric especially an SSH.
From what I'm hearing from your preferences though a Tele or Country Gentleman type guitar would sound killer.



Super clean fendery two rock srv/Mayer sound :Morgan SW (22 watt is plenty if it's just studio) I LOVE mine!
Dirty British edge of break up or awesome overdrive: Jackson Ampworks NewCastle 30. Volume, tone, power. No muss. No fuss. The Britain 30 and 4.0 have a lot of cool options (4 power modes, 2 sets of tubes, killer boost/tone bypass and fx loops) if tweakable feel is something you're really looking for.

I'm not really a connoisseur of the vintage stuff, sorry...

I'm a sucker for strats. '59 American vintage reissue is one of my favorite production guitars. Still on my wish list but I play one every chance I get! Though you may be able to get that feel for a better price through MJT or K-Line. If you go with a strat I'd suggest Klein pickups if there is an option. On the Gibson side of things I really like an LP classic with p90's or an ES335. My little girly hands don't like the fatter neck on the 335... Still sound so sweet though! Fano's are super sweet if you're looking for a modern guitar.

Since you didn't mention price range I kinda started dreaming about what I'd do...

I'd say I'd help you out in studio if you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area simply for the fact that I don't play out or in studio anywhere near what I'd like to. Just putting myself out there but I'm sure almost everyone here would do the same.


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If you're looking for versatility, I'd recommend trying out one of the line 6 jtv variax models. They obviously don't nail the feel of the different electrics they model, but they do a pretty great job of modeling the sound. Couple the modeling with the fact that they're solid guitars with just the magnetic pickups, and that they're basically being blown out right now, and its an option that's definitely worth at least putting an ear on.


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All depends on budget.

Digital route with variax & modeler would do 'pert near e'rethang....

Anaglog route - I'd say a guitar with splitting humbuckers (PRS McCarty, DGT, Schecter Corsair isn't as pricey & can be had with a Bigsby, strat/tele...) Some basic pedals, and a nice clean platform amp like a Fender Deluxe Reverb or possibly ($$$) a Carr Rambler.

In order to really be helpful, we'd need a budget for each piece & a tiny bit of opinion to help point in the right direction. Based on your tonal mentions, you might stroll through some opinions/posts/pictures in this thread -

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