Amp EQ not versatile? Use an EQ pedal!

So I'm headlong into recording the lead guitar and some rhythms for our band's 11-song demo. I'm using only one amp, a 3 Monkeys Orangutan, as my other (Samamp VAC45) needs new tubes and I've been too busy to order them. Besides, the Orangutan absolutely kills and I prefer to use it exclusively for these recordings.

The problem I keep running into is that the Orangutan has only bass and treble EQ controls but no mid control, which makes it impossible to scoop out any mids (of which the amp has pantloads). In a live setting and band mix, the amp just flat rules for lead playing and soloing. But while recording, I've been needing to pull some of those mids out to get the tone I'm looking for.

My setup is a PRS DGT (killer!) => Fulltone Fatboost 3 => Fulltone Fulldrive 2 pre-mosfet w/ toggle => Hilton Volume Pedal => Line 6 M13 => BBE Sonic Stomp => amp.

Included in the most current update of the M13 are some nice EQs which I've never toyed with, until last night. Using the 5-band parametric EQ, I cut the middle frequency all the way down. And BOOM, there was the tone I was looking for. It's almost Fendery, but has the Voxy chime and percussive spank of the Orangutan. Amazing that the simple removal of that one mid frequency can change the character of the amp to exactly what I needed.

In short, I have a newfound respect for EQ pedals. Not sure why I haven't bothered to explore them until now, but they really do come in handy especially in a recording scenario. The kicker for me is that I've bought and sold quite a lot of fantastic, great sounding amps over the past few years due to them being one-trick ponies, when all I really needed was an EQ pedal.


I use an MXR 10-band sometimes for recording my plexi. For certain tones its handy and can even act as a lead boost with its volume and gain sliders. As you say they can be great for getting percussive tones to jump out. With several of my guitars the plexi is too saggy and rubbery (if that makes sense) and the EQ pedal can tighten up the response giving it a more focussed attack. Ive also found an EQ pedal useful when using an amp with active EQ or an EQ that is naturally biased towards a certain frequency range. An EQ pedal can allow greater range of frequencies through.


I use to use an MDEQ with my amps that only had the single tone knob.

Sadly it's going on the ebay later today.

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