Amp-Fest / Vintage VS New - Metro Plexi WOW


Hi there.

Just came back from a small amp-fest at a friends music-store... with some really good amps.:JAM

some vintage amps...
- Marshall 50W 1987 Lead Plexi Original from 1968
- Marshall 50W 1986 JMP Original from 1973
- Marshall 100W Super Lead with some modifications from 1972
- Marshall 100W SuperBass Original from 1972
- Fender Princeton Reverb Original from 1965
- Fender Vibrolux Reverb Original from 1966

some new ones...
- Suhr Badger 30
- Metroamp 1987 50W Plexi Clone
- Cornell 45/50 Plexi with KT66s
- Elmwood M60
and some Orange, Koch, H&K amps etc.etc.

After a few hours of playing different amps almost everyone agreed that the Marshalls are the cream of the crop. Some Marshall-freaks i guess...
Really everybody was amazed from the old Marshalls - a good Marshall trough a 4x12 cabinet with G12Ms is just a glorious tone.:bow

The ´68 Plexi is my all time favourite amp - it is the No.1 amp for me.
It was a thrill to fire up the ´68 - instant Marshall heaven.
After a while we switched to the Metro.................
Holy cowi was blown away by the Metroamp 50W 1987Lead Plexi Clone...
The original was actually warmer and "older" sounding in a good way. The Metro sounded very dynamic with punch, roar and a good bite - the amp was clear and still not shrill or harsh like some other plexi clones... i just thought the Metro was the winner this day...... especially with a 60s Strat i really preferred the Metro over the original.:bonk

Anyone who likes his new Plexi (Metro or...) even more than his vintage ones...?

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