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Hello all ~ I am searching for an amp to use with an electric oud. I currently have several amps (see sig) that work well with the electric oud but was curious to know if anyone has a recommended amp for instruments like this.



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Rivera Sedona might be a great one...especially if the oud has a transducer or piezo in addition to magnetic pickups.


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Doesn't Lindley play one? I think he uses red knob twins. Otherwise the Sedona is a great suggestion and I really like my Genz Benz Shen Pro as an acoustic amp - very versatile piece.


If your using piezo pickups you will want to use some sort of buffering circuit.
That will make any typical amp work....

Or buy a dumble clone with a FET circuit input that does the same thing.

Seriously though if your using piezo's and it is presenting a problem interfacing with the usual amp all you really will need is a buffer. If you have a handy friend I can send you some schematics and diagrams and such. Very simple circuit.

Otherwise I think you might be hard pressed to even many whom know what an oud is, much less what guitar amps will work well with them.

TDJMB.... got an extra warr for trade? Yeah I know...
The Roland Jazz Chorus or a clean bass amp were my first thoughts. I overlooked the obvious acoustic amps... not sure why.

The oud I'm looking at is:

The pickups are (from what the sales person described) piezo pickups. I have a regular oud but wanted something to use at open-mic events. My Dad had an electric oud back in the 80s and he played it through a regular guitar amp... mainly because that's all we had in Morocco.

Many thanks for the suggestions!

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