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Amp/Guitar room temp....


What temp is too cold to store amps and guitars. Got a room that can get pretty cold. I play the guitars and amps very reguarly but was wondering if a room that dips down in the 50's-60's might be too cold esp for guitars.


60's are probably ok but 50's I'm not too sure of. If you have high hunidity with those temps, I'd be concerned.

Why are you storing your guitars in a meat locker to begin with?


Old house with some rooms being warmer than others. If they just go outta tune no big deal, but I do worry about possible rust with the amps and warping with the guitars.

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I have mine in a room that's about 50 degrees in the winter months and have noticed no ill effects over the past several winters.


ukslinger im guessing (totaly uneducated guess at that) that your living here in the UK with me, olla! I've kept my guitars in similar conditions for years and no ill effect.
Providing you don't get a lot of condensation in that room (or any if as a preference) then the metal work will be fine. Just make sure that when your central heating does come on its set lower in that room and they are all away from the radiator as you don't want them warming up too fast.

Don A

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Rapid temperature change and humidity extremes are a much bigger issue than just low or high temp.


If you get rapid temp swings I'd be worried. My music room is in the corner of my unfinished basement up here in the Northeast, so we get all kinds of temps/humidity. This time of year(winter) my room stays around 58-63 F depending on the temps outside. My humidity also stays around 40-45%. I've never had a problem. Maybe once or twice a year I have to tweek a truss rod or two a 1/4 turn one way or the other.

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