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Amp help: looking for a two channel, with either dual masters or Solo boost


Amp help:
looking for a two channel, with either dual masters or Solo boost ..

Want it to cover... 70's rock to 80's metal...and beyond...

Forgot to ad...lokking for a Marshallesque tone

projects are
Black Crowes Tribute Band
Dio Tribute band ( covering Rainbow, Sabbath and Dio)
and a original metal band like Halford solo, Priest...etc...
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- Shiva is the only one i have experience with for your application, but only if it's ok that the clean channel is always clean (unless the use of an OD pedal is acceptable). note: boost function but not dual master.

otherwise, from what others describe:
- CAE OD100
- Egnator Mod
- Splawn


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Aiken Sabre is another one. I've never tried it and they're pricey and discontinued, but a lot of people say good things about them.

Most Two Rocks have dual masters. You can get some Marshall-esque tones out of some of them.

What's your budget?

What's wrong with your 73 Marshall+pedal?


Because of another recent thread (DAMN YOU TGP and your eternal GAS!!...ahem...) I was just made aware of the THD Flexi-50, and then had to go over to the web site to take a look, listen, and read the manual. (RTFM that is)...

I've never heard one live, but my gawd...I'm getting itchy to try one. It seems like you could configure it in SO many ways, and seems VERY well thought out. It is "single channel" but so configurable and with a foot switch to change the sound, that I do think it seems to be at least 2 or three channels in practice...

Would love to try one...

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