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Amp logos you like?

The Orange Crest. I mean look at it. It's ridiculous. Some dudes in the late 60's were like, "let's make a crest for our amps! It will have the following things":

-A lady wearing the flag
-A dude wearing what will look suspiciously like a gain orange peel, and an orange peel hat with horns on it.
-A bucket with leaves growing out of it
-The sun and the moon
-An orange tree growing out of the earth
-A scale showing the balance or equality between dark and night, man and woman...or something.
-A lion pawing into the air
-A hammer and a chisel
-It will say "voice of the world", written on the musical staff.

On the other end of things, I always admired the simplicity of Hiwatts.



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Hiwatt logo is so baller. If Jules from pulp fiction was an amp logo he’d be the Hiwatt logo. Tarantino actually mentioned that on the director’s cut. It seemed like superfluous information at the time, but worked out great for this thread 20 years later.

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