Amp/Pedal question ...front vs effects loop


I am a novice and just purchased my first pedal - a Digitech Crossroads.

I was just reading reviews online and one person stated that this was a "modeling" type pedal and should only be used through an effects loop - NOT through the front of an amp.

Is this correct ?

I have a Fender Vibro-king, Supersonic and Lonestar Special ( all are too nice for my skill level ) and I believe all have effects loop.

So is there a rule of thumb about when to use the loop vs into the front of the amp ?



It'd be a whole lot cooler if you did.
Easy rule- 'verb and delay or spatial effects go loop.

Shape effects (Chorus, flange, phase, vibe etc..) and OD, Boost, go through the front.

That's for starters- and more for stand alone or rack effects

For the modeler world you will likely want to heed the advice in the manual and run the whole thing through the loop.

You wouldn't hurt anything going in front but the gain and or pre-amp will act as a effect boost and that is (many times) unwanted rise in wet signal.

OR you could just chuck the whole thing and crank your Vibroking and get nice direct tones thataway.
I have a question...if you get ALL of your dirt from pedals...this means you arent using a drive channel or cranking the amp to overdrive, is it still better to put time based effects in the loop?

When I play out, I put compression, fuzz, wah, dirt, phase in front of the amp...and I put eq, all modulation, noise suppressor, delay, and reverb in the loop...only because I use the drive channel on my classic 30...
at home with my HRDX i put EVERYthing in front as I only get dirt from peddals

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