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Amp problems


hey guys im new to this place, anyway i have a vintage marshall jmp super lead 100... thing is awsome but have been having problems with it, guess thts what happens when u buy vintage eh? anyway first of all i might as well say i have tone cry. with my attenuator, without it, i got it. dont like it and want to get rid of it. any causes?

anyway my main question is this, i just got this new attenuator, a weber attenuator the 150 watt kind. plug it in and turn my volume 1 up to like 2 and strumm a chord, besides my g string being flat and d string being flat there was a static when i strummed it that covered up the sound but went away after 5 seconds of hoding the note, however i strum it again or even hit a note and the static comes back and then disapates again. now i dont think its the attenuator because i plug it into volume 2 with the volume on like 8 volume 1 all the way down (btw its a non master amp you know) and the static isnt there. now heres my thoughts...

could it

a) be the capacitor that is solely to volume 1 (i just changed my caps a few months back theyre brand new idk how they would break out of nowhere)


c)preamp tube

are the preamp tubes or power tubes assigned to a certain volume control on the old jmps? like 2 power tubes to volume 1 and 2 to volume 2?

note: my tubes are also new got them changed a month ago or maybe a bit more but theyre new. this problem is brand new, the static only happens when i turn it up past lets say 2 where i get some gain. its not the guitar, i switched it out with 2 different guitars... i havent cranked my amp in a while probably a few weeks back and this problem didnt happen, i transport my amp weekly, maybe i broke a tube? i treat it very well, but theres always that chance you know...

anyway if anyone know anything that could help, itd be appreciated

note 2: tommorow im going to switch around my preamp tubes to see if the problems shifts from volume control to volume control. also havent checked the back to see if one tube is just dead or not... again will do that tommorow,

thanks for your help in advance


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