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I have a peavey classic 30. By itself it has a buzzing rattling sound when you stike a chord. You can bump the amp playing or not and it sounds like a spring is rattling. If I plug in a 4-10 extension cabinet it stops and you have to bump the amp harder to make the rattling sound. Any ideas?


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Sounds like you either need to tighten (not over tighten) the screws on the speakers and/or your reverb tank is loose and needs the same treatment.
well I tapped on a couple of tubes with a drum stick (lightly) and it makes an amplified sound of the same. I think I'll change some tubes. Any suggestions for the EL84 tubes?


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what about using o-ring tube dampers? They seemed to have quieted-down some 6L6 tubes in one of my Fender amplifiers.



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I think all Classic 30's suffer from a slight tube rattle. Luckily, it's usually not noticeable at gig volume. If you really have a problem with it, some guy on ebay sells a "tube tamer" for the C30.

The sound you hear when you bump the cab is the reverb springs banging around.

Yep these are suppose to help a lot. Never tried one but thats hat Ive heard. No affiliation. Bob

A good friends advice to me

In regard to the EF86 and dampening rings, they are such sensitive tubes that you can look at it both ways and it's argued both ways all the time. They are so unstable that a dampening ring is thought necessary and a plus by some , but they are so touch sensitive that it's argued by others that they change the sound and performance of the tube for the worse. It's all a matter of preference. I say use your ears and decide for yourself. I switched to those RFT EF86s, I love them and use no ring on them but if I were to, I'd use a HALO:

We are talking about a particularly sensitive and microphonic tube. But I believe his advice can be appied to your situation There are rubber grommets on the tube sockets and between it's screws and chasis. Its still has a certain ping ring a ding at certain levels. tone sounds and finger attack.

The Halo's look like they do the job most effectivly without deadening the tube.

Good Luck
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Dear Friends


The RFT EF86 (Tesla) ops checked very well.

First I tried it with the Halo and the wire tube cage- Very Sstable no ching or rattle. No microphonics

Second just the tube and the wire tube cage. just the slightest ring very very minor on sustained notes at 3pm on the amp volume. 7 on the guitar with two overwound HB pups.

Went to Just the Halo next and ran it all maxed out guitar tone, vol and 3pm on the amp

All good thats where it will stay until I test the NOS Mullards, These RFT Tesla EF86 where a good buy about the same as current modern manufacture.


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I've had Herbie Hal-Os in my speaker preamp (my stereo, not a guitar rig) for years and it's never let me down!
Dear Friends,

I'm not going to take anything away from the RFT EF86 (Tesla) tube that I got from Mike K. (What a gentleman BTW) In fact I am going to buy a few more. They are a great sounding AND stable NOS tube for a very resonable amount of money in todays market.

I wonder if Nikoli Tesla had anything to do with this company. I read his biography and recommend it for people who are interested about the wizards, magicians and con artists of the modern electric age. Tesla's thoories and practices are behind things just now coming to be. He was a visionary.

Now yesterday I said I also ordered a NOS Mullard EF86 from Mike and that I would try it today. It is special. River Deep, Mountain Wide Special.

The TopHat Supreme 16 is now all genuine Mullard except the EZ81 rectifier tube. V1, 2 and 3 are ANOS Mullard 12ax7's and the EL 84's matched NOS Mullard's. All tubes measure above original NOS spec's by a large margin and this NOS Made in England Mullard EF 86 is the last trick in the deck.

Just look at this beauty no ring no ping no stabilizer just chain saw motor growl and bell note round tone. It's a real Jewel. Thanks Mike


Best Regards
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