Amp solder joint question

So my Fender Pro Jr 4 intermittently makes a static noise or sometimes a buzz even with nothing plugged into the amp. Am trying to isolate the issue, tried tube swapping and it doesn't change the issue if it decides to rear it's ugly head.

I'm aware of the dangers of poking around inside tube amps, but using an electrical screwdriver to prod a few parts, I notice a static popping when tapping some of the solder joints for the preamp sockets. I have done a fair bit of tube rolling in the amp and was wondering if I've inadvertently cracked some of the socket solder joints. For some dumb reason I only noticed today that the tube sockets are directly mounted to the board with no real support, so tube rolling isn't ideal, though I'm careful when removing and replacing tubes. The board also gets pretty hot in use, as you'd expect, so the solder could crack.

Should there be any static popping from solder joints, I know there is a far amount of voltage going through them?
Touching conductors in sensitive high gain circuits with another conductor can be expected to cause a pop.
Use a chopstick, or other non conductive probe (not a pencil!).
Cool, thanks. I'll probably take the board out at some point, just check it over.


Sadly these amps have light duty PC boards, and board mounted tube sockets, pots, and jacks. I worked on a few of these amps where to keep the amp from coming back to the shop I had to reflow the entire boards. That said start with the tube socket pins and see if it works.
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