Amp Tech/Repair needed...Reason Bambino


Evening all,

I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of a good amp tech for my Reason Bambino 2/8 watt head. I tried to jump on the Reason website, but it looks like it is GONE. I am located in Abilene TX, so if I could find a tech close-by, that would be great. But, if I need to ship it...that's OK also.

The problem I am having is I am getting very little/low sound from the amp, regardless of volume. I removed my pedal chain from the path and plugged directly into the change. All four tubes are glowing with no visible damage. When I unplug the guitar and touch the tip of the cable, I get a significantly louder noise/ground noise. Multiple guitars, multiple change. I love this amp, so cutting it loose is not something I want to do.

Thanks for any help


Anthony the owner is actually a member here under "Reason". Maybe message him and he can recommend someone. I think their main engineer and builder is with Magnatone now.

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