Amp volume / gain issue.

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  1. Smoss89

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    Jun 3, 2013
    hey guys, I know its practically impossible to say whats EXACTLY wrong without seeing the amp itself.
    but, I have a California Blonde from 1988 (?).
    the issue im running into is when i turn up the volume on the amp, the natural gain or hiss of the amp rises.. But the actual volume of my guitar doesnt go up.
    Frankly, I know it can be much louder. most of the other pots work just fine but dont have any positive effect on the volume.

    any possible idea what causes this? ive replaced the ground leads and wires, cleaned the pots with deoxtit and replaced the speaker.
    what other things can i try at home to avoid having to take it into a shop and paying more to fix it then its worth.
    thanks guys.

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