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Ampeg plexis guitars


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These were originally introduced in 1969, designed by Dan Armstrong. Most guitarists were looking for the maximum amount of sustain and it was believed that it would be achieved by building a guitar with a very dense body and (usually) neck-through construction. The Les Paul had been re-introduced just a couple of years earlier. The Dan Armstrong Plex guitar is generally considered one of the best sustaining guitars ever designed. You can change the pickups very quickly (between sets, for example) by turning a thumbscrew on the back of the guitar to loosen the pickup and just sliding it out, then sliding a new one in and tightening the thumbscrew. At one point, I think there were a half-dozen different pickups available. There was also a bass version of this guitar, and both the guitar and the bass version were used by the Rolling Stones for a while.
Interesting thanks for the info.I have seen the stones play one and my dad told me that he once saw Arthur Lee from Love play one in the 70's.other than that the only guy now i have seen play one is Rich Robinson.Its hard to tell how they really sound on videos and through good pa's. Good sustain makes sense even being pretty resonate makes sense too. does anyone have one what can you compare the tones too.les paul ish or gretch or could sound like any guitar if you put the right pickup in?I'd like to know if anyone actually plays one.


Anyone know how the three-way switch worked on this single pickup guitar? Series, parallel, etc.?


The three way switch is for the tone control.
Center position bypassed the tone control and the other positions had different value caps for the tone control.
These guitars are wicked heavy and the necks are the same width at the nut to where they meet the body. They're cool, but not for everyone.

The Dan Armstrong guitars get played by alot of punk rock bands who worship Greg Ginn/Black Flag.


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Well, they have a unique sound for sure. I'd try one before you buy if possible. Also, originals had maple necks which in conjunction with the body make the tone pretty bright (IMO).


The reissue comes with a p-90 esque single coil and a JB esque (overwound) humbucker. The original pickups are pretty much forgettable except for the humbucker with square pole pieces.

The cool thing is Kent Armstrong will custom make any pickup you want in the form factor for this guitar. That is, if you have the money.

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