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Amplifi - Does it use all the speakers in 'amp' mode?


I am thinking about picking one up for use with my JTV Variax. I am purely a bedroom player.

An amp that could amplify both electric and acoustic tones would be perfect.

I am a fan of the XT/X3 generation of modelling, I prefer it over the HD modelling.

Digital Igloo

Correct. Any stereo post effects are utilizing all five speakers but a large majority of the guitar tone comes from the 12" (or 10") Celestion.

I wasn't planning on recommending Amplifi for acoustic guitar, but this afternoon someone in the booth was doing just that. Sounded great.


2-Voice Guitar Junkie and All-Around Awesome Guy
There is a "FRFR" monitor in there, not a real "guitar speaker". If you want a guitar amp get a guitar amp, this is something different. Miking the "woofer" in that amp will not get you there. But you are a bedroom player, so that probably doesn't matter...

If you have a Variax, I think you'd be way better off, potentially, with a used X3Live and a Power Engine (which does have one single guitar speaker). The stuff you can do with a Variax connected to the X3 is far more flexible and fun than this amp will be. You could also get an FRFR monitor for an X3 for that purpose. The X3 has some good sounds in it (as you know).

If you are going to go back and forth with electric and acoustic sounds and don't mind not being able to use the VDI cable, AND if you don't need to mike the amp or go direct (you can't reasonably do either with the Amplifi) it might be a good choice.

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