Sold AMPLIFIED NATION HOOLIGAN - 22 watt D-style head


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I am selling this amp again. The last sale fell through and the amp has recently been back to AN for a clean bill of health and an upgraded brown vox front baffle - the one in the pic will be included as well. I am looking for a quick sale and will only have this posted for a few days. I am ideally looking to sell in NC (I am in Raleigh). Price is $1,500 locally. Thanks!!!

The Hooligan is basically a scaled down prime minister with a slightly shortened chassis and lower wattage (head is around 19 inches wide). I am pretty sure that it is one of only a few that Taylor ever made. This one is #2. It is around 20 watts and has the Wonderland (“Mayor”) clean channel with a low plate skyliner OD channel. It runs 2 6v6s and is tube rectified. I got the amp around a year ago new and sent it to Taylor a few months ago to bring it up to current spec and tweak the OD channel to the one that it currently has in it (it was previously an 80’s OD). I didn’t think that I would ever sell but I am just not a two channel guy and I need to get my house painted, blah blah blah you know the story... I will probably reach out to Taylor in the future to secure one of his single channel amps. As much as I love answering questions about amps through PM I would rather just chat on the phone if you are really interested in purchasing.. Shoot me a PM and I will send you my number. $1500 for local NC pickup (I am in Raleigh). No trades please at this time as I am hoping to free up some cash. Thank you for looking!!!

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