amps around 800usd to use as a pedal platform


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I'm rethinking here... I posted a couple days ago about small lower wattage tube amps. Thought I'm be game for the little guy (though the Port City Twelve looks amazing), but I want something to gig with. I want clean tube tone loud and quiet. Think kinda large (not Twin large), but easy enough to lug around.

800usd (or under) is just a number to show I'm on a budget.

Here's the ideas:
I don't need Reverb, cause I prefer a digital sound (for some reason or another).
My overdrive pedals are a Radial Tonebone Hot British (higher gain tones), and will be either a Barber LTD or Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (lighter drive).
Straight up cleans would be great. No frills.



new fender hot rod deluxe or if you want more power the 2x12 hot rod deville, great gig amps, have on board distortion, $700 for the deluxe, not sure what the deville is running now, mine is being omega moded, and came with a Vintage 30 which sounds great when the polarity is reversed, I am getting a canabus rex for the amp, should be here friday, my amp should be back in a couple weeks.

the hot rods have a great effects loop, and an amazing clean channel tone.


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Used BF Fender Dual Showman. Fender Twin head without reverb, clean all the way up.

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