Amps I tried out today, report.

I tried the Fender Super Champ XD very nice for the price, not for me but still nice.

Dr Z Maz Jr, the most hi fi amp I have ever played, expensive and a one trick pony, but excellent in every way except the EQ which was not very responsive, just a little too bright for my taste, but in every other way smokin. There was a used one there for $1195 with 2 10's. I might go back and bring one of my EVM12L's, and a distortion pedal and maybe make an offer.

Mesa 5-50, nice but no ceegar, did not play it all that much, so I have no real opinion.

Fender Blues Jr. that amp I liked a lot, small, and light, it needs a distortion pedal in front but a nice amp for the money. I was hoping to try the Rebel but they were sold out at GC.

Now for the amp I liked the most this day. Mesa Lonestar I tried both, one with 6L6's and the other with EL34's. It is a higher quality amp that sounds similar to the tones I get from my HRD. Of course at GC there are a bunch of persons (I am being polite) banging away on stuff making noises at far too loud, but in between the chaos I got to appreciate the Lonestar. I am calling Mesa and seeing what they want for a Lonestar Head, the narrow one. If it is under eighteen bills shipped I may consider it. Or look on e-bay for a used one.

All in all I ain't buying one retail in this state because of the tax. I can get a Mesa shipped free from some dealers, no tax so that is the way I would go. I still have several I want to try, like the THD Flexi 50.

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