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Amps that sound like no others.


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I own a Mike Morin preamp that's rather different (I love it)

Which one? I have the blue, machined aluminum one that he built in the 90s (part of George Lynch's sound into a modded Marshall Plexi power amp). I think he built 15 of them...

Let's see, other wierd amps:
-Park Rock Head
-Watkins Westminster/Dominator
-Selmer (T&B here, but most of their amps just a little different)
-Montgomery Ward "Suitcase Amp"-4 6V6s with a pair of low gain preamps into 8 8" speakers in a folding enclosure. Got the amp, not the speakers...
-Rickenbacker model 59-field coil speaker, 6L6s, metal cab with no air displacement at all-different, not great.
-Emery Superbaby-with a KT88, 12AU7 and GZ34, there's never been as overtubed a single-ended amp!
-Gibson "EH" series amps from the 30s. How many of these did they build? Then figure in the fact that at least the KEH that I've got had at least 5 different schematics (at least that Gerald Weber has seen) and it's not even listed in the catalogs...

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