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Amptweaker Tight Drive Pro. $225 shipped priority.

Excellent condition. Comes with original box and manual.
A few minor, light scuffs on the bottom...
I have never gigged with it. No velcro and overall 9+ out of 10 condition. You will not be disappointed...The bottom left side on pic#2 (of the back) is where the designer, James Brown signed and dated the is not a flaw or blemish.

This is one of the best sounding and most flexible overdrives made anywhere.
Very amplike... Tons of controls and internal trim pots for shaping your tone exactly how you want it... plus an ingenious feature: 3 individual effects loops built in. This pedal can pretty much cover any ground. It does so much, with so many useful and functional design features, it will potentially cure (or at least majorly subside) your GAS with overdrives... Seriously, it really is that good...No bull%$t.

It stacks extremely well with everything I've paired it with, but there's really no need for stacking with other OD's (unless thats your thing) because the Tight Drive Pro will do everything from a transparent clean boost, to light/medium gain blues tone, to full on high gain crunch for solos... all with one pedal.

In addition to a universal effects loop, the footswitchable boost has its own volume and gain controls that will actually boost or cut (VERY useful for making your boost at unison volume with your regular overdrive tone if you just want more saturation and gain without an additional volume boost). The boost side also features a dedicated effects loop so you dont have to tap dance with adding delay/reverb or other effects when you want to take a solo. Just one click and its all there...

The "sidetrak" loop is also ingenious and allows you to automatically bypass any effects (i.e. compressor, chorus, or whatever) that you only want applied to your clean tone, but not when the overdrive is engaged. Again, no tap dancing, just engage the overdrive with one click and any effects plugged into the sidetrak loop are automatically removed from your signal chain... and automatically re-inserted into your chain when you click the overdrive off.
Total game changer....Why hasn't anyone else thought of this before now and offered it in their boutique OD pedal...?

These are $319 new. Mine is a deal at $225 including priority shipping. This is the lowest price that I can see here at tgp, ebay, or price is fair and firm.


I will pack it securely, pay for priority shipping and PM you a tracking number within 24 hrs, if you either add 3.5% for Paypal fees or use the PP gift option. If you have any concerns, check my feedback here and deal with complete confidence. Not really interested in trades or offers right now. Please don't be offended if I don't respond to low ball offers or ridiculous trade offers...its nothing personal. This is also listed on Reverb at a higher price than I have it listed here, so I reserve the right to honor a sale there if that happens, based fairly on whomever offers/pays first.

I can ship internationally, but you will need to cover the cost of shipping. I will pack the pedal very securely, but cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred in international transit. That would need to be addressed between you and the carrier.

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.


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