AMT Pangaea CP-16 IR Module


Hi folks!

Just saw this on AMT's Facebook page:

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce a new device – AMT Pangaea CP-16 module.

AMT Pangaea CP-16 module lets you to emulate any Guitar Cabinet sounding by loading appropriate Guitar Cabinets’ Impulse Responses (IRs). A great amount of different IRs you can easily find in the Internet (both paid and free).

You can load up to 16 different Guitar Cabinets’ IRs in the module’s memory and choose the desired one in the right moment. You can load IRs in the CP-16 memory and control their parameters via USB or Bluetooth interfaces.

AMT Pangaea CP-16 module is designed specially for those who create all sorts of guitar devices:
power amplifiers, preamplifiers, guitar effects etc. The CP-16 module is so small that it can easily
be integrated in any compact devices – such as “newfangled” mini effect pedals.

You can download PDF presentation here:
Seems like this could open up a lot of possibilities for the DIY people, and even for the smaller pedal and amp manufacturers.


If this would fit in my Zoom MS- 100bt and could share the built in Bluetooth adapter, that would be awesome (pretty sure it won't though).
Didn't thought about that. It would be pretty awesome for sure.
I already saw some people put arduino modules inside the zoom... maybe it can indicate that putting this module into it is possible to.

john lan

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the circuit pinouts are super simple so maybe this will be a game changer
but it is all about the cost
if it is cheap then bad news for some companies that IR was their thing
are there qualities with (IR processors) ? how does this thing hold up?


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That's pretty cool... I could see just putting it in it's own 1590 enclosure with a bluetooth module.

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