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AMT Stonehead 50w SS head - any users?

Matt Novak

Looks pretty cool, wondered if anyone had tried them?


AMT Stonehead SH-50-4, amplifire for electric guitars, 50 watt, 4 channels with tube simulation, CH1/2 (clean/chrunch, switchable) with separate thomann controls for gain, level and high, controls for bass and mid, CH3/4 (lead1/lead2, switchable) with separate controls for gain, level and high, controls for bass, mid and high, control for lead voicing, master volume A/B (switchable), controls for resonance and presence, effect loop, power amp input, preamp out, thomann cab simulation, cab output 8 Ohms, 3 footswitch inputs, weight: 4,9 kg, dimensions: 260x160x170mm, color: black''


Silver Supporting Member
Just spoke with Cliff at Destroy All Guitars and he said he will be getting these in stock.. looking forward to checking it out. Right now I play through a AMT SS-11B which has 2x12AH7 tubes in it. The SS-11B sounds very good for high gain, the clean is pretty good too, but I'm not dialing in a warm harmonic crunch that I like out it with my tele even with pedals.

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