"Anacostia Delta" *Danny Gatton documentary*


A while back, a friend said to me "Do you like great Tele players playin' slide?" I replied "Sure!" Then a video popped up of Danny Gatton opening a Lone Star long neck beer, drinking about a third of it to keep the foam down, then using the entire bottle as a slide while playing (and drinking it at the same time.) That was my introduction to Danny Gatton's skills, both as a player and performer. Thanks for the tip on the documentary!
What was the song? Maybe a link?
None of those guys, with the exception of Stephanson, Principato, and Chappell, took the time to learn any of those amazing banjo-roll influenced, jazz inflected runs Danny played.
There is at least one more. Though he usually plays a Les Paul TV Model. I would tell you his name but he is a firm believer in German composer N Senada's Theory Of Obscurity. It is not Alvy Crunschlecter.
The sound is typically good no matter where you sit. Aside from Gatton, I've seen Steve Morse Band, Eric Johnson, The Fab Faux, The Seldom Scene, Tommy Emanuel and Zappa Plays Zappa among others. Maybe your wife can give it a second chance sometime. Tommy doesn't play anything electric.
I saw Robert Cray there last summer. Great show, but he didn't play any of his hits, which surprised me a little. Mostly newer stuff. No Smoking Gun. No Consequences.


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I'm a huge Danny Gatton fan. But a discussion of Danny's band IMO should also include mention of Bill Holloman, who played tenor sax and keys. The alternating solos in this tune are particularly riveting.


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Anacostia- River that flows from Prince George's County MD cutting through Washington DC and into the Potomac River. Title hints at both the huge number of fine guitar players that were products of the greater metro DC area especially PG county. Prime examples include Wray, Buchanan, Gatton, and Bethesda's Lofgren, Tommy Keene and Thackery from the Nighthawks days. Opsasnick's Capitol Rock books covers the huge amount of players pretty well. Minor correction to the previous posts- the guitar repair shop Gatton was associated with was in Siver Hill MD in PG county, not Silver Spring. Buchanan cut hair for a bit at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda.