Analog SS showdown - Orange CR60 vs Vox AV60


So I'm entertaining one of these two, to see if they can satisfy me to the point that I can get rid of some tube amps. These two are the most interesting to me, two analog SS 'British' amps made in China, with some interesting features. I want zero-maintenance with the ability to get loud enough for jams.

AV60 - Two channels, each with 8 discreet analog circuits replicating classic amps. Online demos are fairly horrible (especially the Vox ones) but owners say good things. Three digital effects (mod, verb, delay). Effects loop. Completely weird 3-ohm speaker makes full-power speaker swaps impossible. No recall or modeling stuff, just twist the knobs and go. Cannot find one locally. Anywhere. Ever. Thus impossible to audition.

CR60 - Two channels, no effects. Sounds like a modern Orange, which to my ears is a pretty good thing. Well constructed and appears that it could take a beating. Normal ohm ratings so I could experiment with speakers if desired. Effects loop. Simple turn the knobs and go. Presumably less versatile and flexible than the Vox. Expensive for what it is. You can throw a stick and hit one, so they are easy to find anywhere and audition.

What to do? Anyone played either or both and provide some tidbits?


I've played the vox in a store a couple of times. Not a fan. Believe the sound from the online videos. Never really plugged into Orange amps for some reason.


Completely weird 3-ohm speaker makes full-power speaker swaps impossible

It's solid-state. You could almost certainly use a 4-ohm speaker without any problems and with only a very minor loss in maximum volume. That's really weird (and lame) that they spec'd a 3-ohm speaker, though. I almost wonder whether it's a typo in the manual that got transferred to marketing material: could be 8-ohms.

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