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Hi guys..

I have about 300 dollars saved up.
And it's time to get rid of the Direct Drive to something more Spetacular.

I've been eying these two pedals..
~ Analog Man King of Tone v4
~ Paul Cochrane Tim

And I think the decision's really gonna come down to these two.
I've already looked at other pedals like the J-Drive, PureDrive, etc.

Basically, I'm looking for a Low~Med gain 2 channel OD pedal, and I figured by looking at constant sound checks of both of these pedals online,
I'd know I'd pick one of them.

But the question is, which one?

Can I get the clear differences between the Tim and the KoT?
Is the KoT really worth over 300 dollars?
Can the Tim cover what the KoT can do?

My influences are U2, Hillsong United, Starfield, Switchfoot, etc.
Thanks bro's


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the kot is really not over 300 bucks. . . unless you want to add 10 bucks a month to beat the wait time. got mine for 235. NEW. long wait though.

the timmy is 129. can't remember how much for the tim these days.

i own both. different and similar. it comes down to clipping and eq for me.

the clipping on the timmy carries more grit. the kot can achieve a smoothness that the timmy can't. very nice. it has some bass roll-off and is less transparent than the timmy. you won't WON't notice it in a band situation. you WILL hear the diffs in your living room playing solo and having both side by side.

the tim/my is likely the most transparent drive there is. as clean as a katana (have that one too). excellent eq control. can be set totally FLAT (can't do that on a KOT).

get on the list for a KOT. wait 24 months and try one yourself.

call paul and get on the list for a tim or a timmy. months away. OR keep a sharp eye on his dealers and pick one up even sooner.

don't overpay for either one. it's silly. i've done it for both!!!! luckily, i was able to 'get out from under' what i paid on my used ones when i got my new ones (or sooner).

if i were you were me. . . . i'd sit on that excellent barber pedal and pay NEW prices for a timmy or tim SOON and a KOT later. i'd pocket the cash saved under that 300 bucks and get sunthin else.

oh. . . to add the gas. . . the KOT is really two pedals in one enclosure. each can be set a couple of diff ways via internal switches AND the pedal can cascade the two channels. soooooo. . . you CAN have two 'different' pedals at your feet (or two exactly the same with diff settings!!!). love the KOT.

i'd take EITHER ONE as my ONLY dirt pedal. when i'm all by myself, i prefer the timmy b/c i love the sound of my amp and guitar with as little color as possible and the timmy lets me keep that. i also have never had a TIM (but ordered one recently!!!), though i'm already pretty certain i hate the box (same box as the skreddy deluxe. . . . blech. . . 'cept on the Tim it's totally necessary b/c of the circuit and pots etc inside. . . . tall is necessary on that box. . . not necessary on the skreddy though. . .going to have it re-housed!!)

i could probably say more, but i think i've written too much already. . .



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Wait times and cost aside the KoT is hands down my fav OD pedal...with all switches and by stacking each side you can get all kinds of different tones and best of all they are al good tones! This is not to say that the Tim is a bad pedal but for me the KoT is tops.


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I agree with everything orogeny said. The KOT has a smoother, more mid-heavy sound, but you've got 2 separate channels that can be combined. The TIM is much more transparent if you want, but can get mid-rangy when you roll off both the bass and treble. Boost can only be cascaded into the regular overdrive, but I love the boost circuit. Waited over year for a KOT, sold it, now own 2 TIMs. Wanted more transparency and tone versatility.


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The KOT is a great pedal as has been endlessly described, but IMO the DD is a different beast that you would pair with it. I use the DD for higher gain stuff and love it for that. Before you purge it consider it as a complement to the KOT or Tim/my versus a duplication.


the kot is a tweaked, more versatile Blues Breaker.

The tim's design makes it very neutral, though. Both sound great, maybe a bit overpriced and the wait time sucks, but they sound good... hard to pick..


i've got both on a board right now... i feel like the TIM stacks better than the KOT, but the KOT has more diverse tones on board (does that make sense?). For the music you're looking at i think the KOT would serve you well... though a TIM is pretty sweet.... AGH! you can get em both new for less than $400.... so just buy them both :D


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I'll add my $0.02...

I was going to say "Tim" right up until the point you said you wanted 2 channels. Then I changed to "KOT." IMO, the KOT is the best 2-channel OD ever.

I sold mine, because I didn't need a 2-channel OD. I never use the Boost side of my FD2 either. If I wanted a 2-channel OD, I would simply buy another Timmy (I'm on the list for #2.)

The problem with the Tim (& FD2 for that matter), is the 2nd gain stage isn't really another "channel", it's just another gain stage added in. I don't find this setup very useful (some people like it just fine.) If I'm going to have 2 ODs in 1 box, I want each OD to be TOTALLY controlable- not just EQ, but also drive & volume levels. This is what makes the KOT superior as a 2-channel OD.

Both are fantastic pedals- no wrong answer here- they are also both the most amp-like ODs I've ever owned. But for 2 channels, the KOT just does it better IMO.


Had both side by side 2 weeks ago. For my purposes the Tim wins hands down. Also I would have picked the Pure Drive over the KOT as well.

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