Analogman Mini-Bicomp or Keeley Compressor



Hi guys, I would need some advice on these 2 compressors which I'm considering purchasing. The big bicomp is out of the picture as the wait is almost a year. How's the 4 knob keeley compressor compared to the 2 knob? Is it worth the extra money? A big thank you in advance. :D


Well here's my take. I've had both. The keeley is a fuller more modern sound Vs the Analogman. The Analogman is what it is. Two great vintage compressors in one pedal. I prefer and own the Analogman myself.


Honestly, one of the greatest compressors you can buy is really cheap. I kid you not:

Buy a boss CS-3 off ebay (50 bucks avg) and then do the mod from monte allums If you have soldering skills, order in the mod (20 bucks) if not, send the cs-3 in (35 bucks).

I recommend this because people have found it AS GOOD as the keeley, including in A/B tests, and somewhat more versatile.


I love the mini bi-comp. THe Ross sound is amazing but can sometimes get old, and having the Orange Squeezer is great for variety. Hell, i'm actually using the Orange Squeezer side more and more these days, but there are always times when I need the extra squish from the Ross. Great, flexible pedal, would never gig w/o mine.

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I'm having a large Bi-Comp and I love it. It's such a great versatile pedal. I like the OS side the most but also the Ross side is very useful. Plus: you can combine both sides to get the ultimate compressed sound :dude ;)


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I recently got the Keeley 4 knob and it is really very good / excellent. Having the Attack and Sensitivity on the outside makes a tremendous difference in the variety of sounds you can get from squishy to tight. An of course the sound quality is as good as it gets, Keeley also does pedals right!

Analog Man stuff is also excellent except for the long wait for products. I think Keeley has a trial / return if you are not satisfied or puschase from a dealer who offers this option.


Originally posted by Jumblefingers
I recently got the Keeley 4 knob and it is really very good / excellent.

I also decided on a Keeley 4 knob. Looking forward to it. I ordered on the morning of the pre-sale so hope it is soon. :( When did you order and when did yours arrive?



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+1 on the Analogman BiComp. Why settle for just one type of compressor
when you could have two classic vintage compressors? The Ross side is
the DynaComp squishy type (from Beatles "Nowhere Man" to pedal
steel type squeezes) and the Orange Squeezer side always makes me want
to play "Sultans of Swing" or maybe "I know A Little". Very chunky and
funky. A great, versatile pedal. If you don't want to wait for the large
BiComp either get a MiniBiComp from Mike or search ebay or the Gearpage
Emporium as they do turn up from time to time on both.

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+1 on the Bi-Comp Mini

I have owned this pedal for a long while and I am still blow away by the sound and flexability of this box. I use the Ross side for added sustain and medium gain sounding material.

The Juicer is a monster and one of my favorite lead sounds.
It took some tweaking and getting used too, but what a sound!

I like the Bi-comp over the keeley because you are not limited to one style of compressor & sound. The Keeley is a monster and does a great sounding job. I personaly like flexability and
a ton of tonal power.


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To go against the stream a little: I had the mini bi-comp and sold it to buy a Keeley. I think it comes down to whether you want to feel like you're playing a compressor or not. The AM has two great sounding classic compressors in the pedal, but for me when I kicked either on I really felt it in my playing. It could cop some classic tones but I had trouble keeping levels right with it on vs. with it off.

The Keeley, on the other hand, can be turned on and it just makes my guitar sound better (for cleans), but I never really felt like I was playing a can be really subtle. Probably more like playing through a studio compressor. The Barber TonePress is like this too.

I hope that makes at least a little sense.


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I have no experience with the Keeley comp but I do have the AnalogMan Mini Bi-Comp fused to my pedal board and I love it! Two fantastic sounding compressor circuits in one small box! The Ross circuit is everything I loved about my old MXR script logo Dyna Comp except but much less noise and without the significant loss of highs. The Juicer circuit is squishy, fat, sweet... magic! What's not to like!

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