Analogman Prince of tone through a Tk!

john archer

Hi guys...just picked up one of these from a fellow tgp member and played around with it for a couple of hours and I am very impressed. I played through a tk imperial using a strat. I began with dialing in a good blackface clean tone on the rhythm channel set to around 3 on the volume with just a touch of reverb. I tried the boost channel first, .using a low gain setting..about 12 o'clock. The tone sounded like the amp was at about 7 or 8 on the volume...a very natural sounding breakup. I then dialed in what for me is the sweet spot of 3 o'clock on the drive.... very tube screamer like, but with much better clarity, better low end retention and less compression. I then tried the overdrive setting and was amazed how it really made the amp sing, especially when paired with my boss dd-2. This pedal is definitely a keeper. ..a perfect match for this amp. I hope this helps anyone considering picking up one of these pedals playing through a fender style amp.


I've been using the KoT and PoT for years now. I always come back to it when I try other things because they work so good with Fender type amps. It really is a great match.


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I still have #5 POT! Great pedal with Fender amps and a Boss DD2 for sure!
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