Analogman Prince of Tone


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I bought it. I know nothing about it. What should I expect.

REALLY????????? I will never understand these threads.

Short answer: you should expect an Analogman Prince of Tone. If you receive anything else, complain.

Side topic: I just ordered a pizza. What should I expect?

No s**t! I also have a boost pedal to go with it, and I don't know which order to put these *two* pedals in . i don't want to get it WRONG!


The reason I asked is because the POT seem to be in short supply, with only a few being released for sale a week.

You can always ask. I know when the PoT was first released, they did give KoT waitlisters the option of buying the Prince instead of the King, but I have no idea if that's still the case. I would tend to think so, but I don't work there. ;)

In any case, I do tend to agree with Omi79: the King is king, and the Prince is a (very slight) step down.


Sorry we are between batches of POT pedals so have not have many for sale on normal Wednesdays. But we do save a few for emergencies, so if you want a POT instead of a KOT just email me when you reach the top of the list.


Prince of tone is a seriously good pedal. Modded my GGG bluesbreaker to PoT specs and haven't looked back since. I would love to own a KoT one day but finances will dictate whether or not that ever becomes a reality.

If you've got the scratch (and you don't need much, it's a very reasonably priced pedal) then it's absolutely worth it to pick up one of these guys.

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I've had two POTs, stupidly sold one during a GAS fit...gave another to an old friend as payback for a Keeley compressor he gave me. On the KOT list, but it may be overkill with my present setup; debating another POT, if Mike will let me get number three any time soon.

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