Anderson Short T


Hi folks,

Anyone have experience playing an Anderson Short T?

ive seen some random comments, some saying they nail the Tele sound with the shorter scale. Others saying its missing that Tele vibe, but comes close..

Any personal experiences with one?


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I have one, gigged it this morning. I love this guitar. It belonged to a friend and I had borrowed it sometime ago for a few weeks and I bonded with it. When he posted it for sale I had to have it. It is in my top 5 guitars. I would say its slightly different than a Tele since mine has a 6 saddle bridge and a mini-hum in the bridge slot. It sits somewhere between a Tele and a LP junior to me. While I could understand if someone wants an "all out Tele" sound, this might not be it, for what I like, its fantastic. Plus I have other more classic spec Tele's for that sound/feel so something a little different in the Andy is just right.


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I had one for a while. Loved the way it played and it sounded as much like a Tele as any Anderson does. It's got to be different with the bridge pickup mounted to the body. Getting their vintage pickups helps a lot


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I have a three pup with vibrato and I love it. Traded my two pup (one hb) toward this one. Short scale makes it play incredibly.



I have a short mongrel with HSS and it is an incredibly flexible guitar with Strat and Tele sounds available in all positions plus great sounds from the humbucker. The key is getting the right bridge pickup for your idea of what a tele sound is with your rig

All Anderson Tele's have the rear pickup in the body of the guitar rather than the traditional tele plate. If you play a regular scale Anderson Tele side by side with an actual tele you can check out the difference.

In my experience the short scale T style Andersons are very close to the sound of the long scale Anderson T which is close but not *exactly* like an actual Tele, so if you want the exact Telecaster experience you should get a actual Tele or a boutique replica with the backplate like a Nash, Danocaster etc.

Andersons have their own sound and vibe. If you like the long scale Andersons I can almost guarantee you'll love the short scale ones. If you can, play one and check it out and let us know how it goes.


The difference between a 25.5" and 24.75" scale is much less than I thought. In tone the shorter alternative is close to a full-scale tuned a half step down. I've got 2 short TAGs, a drop-top and a classic t. A guy I'm playing with has an identical, but fullscale, classic t and I don't think anyone in the audience would notice a difference if we were to swap instruments on stage. Some of TAGs T-style bridge pickups are designed to compensate for not having the pickup mounted on a traditional T-style bridge-plate. They sound a little different from the classic telecaster but close enough.


Played one and fell in love immediately. It also had their "chocolate maple" neck. The combo of that and the green quilt top was beautiful. The guitar played effortlessly and made legato much technique easier due to the shorter scale length. I went in the next day to see if they could hold it for me and it was gone :(

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